The Irresistible Fly, by H.H. Edel – May, 1944

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Popular lures come and go regularly with new twists for our favorite fish-getters. Some old lures never go out of style. My brother consistently catches fish casting one of the oldest lures around, the red & white Bass-O-Reno. Magic baits are like legends, hard to find and harder still not to keep looking for.

Harry Edel describes Ken Lockwood’s magic fly in this May, 1944, article in Outdoor Life. Anglers may want to give it a try. I know I will. Click the title above to open Edel’s article as 4 page PDF. Better yet, visit the Library at and buy ALL 200+ early outdoor magazines in a PDF Library for $15 + shipping. Magazines are chronologically ordered, indexed & cross referenced with a useful Magazine GUIDE to help refine searches for guns, lures, gear, people, places or subjects.

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