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This blog will examine outdoor history from the Library at Posts and discussions will explore outdoor heritage from America's "Golden Age of Hunting & Fishing"(1899 - 1940). Topics taken from the unique digital library of 200+ magazines, 24 different titles, will cover; fishing, hunting, exploring, product ads & reviews, important people and natural resource issues. The supporting website maintains a page dedicated to assist in examinations and reviews. The blog and its readers/contributors will examine first level early outdoor history from the magazines because Outdoor History Matters! Thanks for suggesting and contributing information/comments and remembering America's outdoor heritage. This blog and the supporting website were developed by Bob Pitman, a retired natural resource professional.

2 Responses to About This Blog

  1. Joann Pitman says:

    Great Blog! Please keep me updated!

  2. Ed Evans says:

    Excellent! About time someone put all or at least a bunch of the old magazines in a handly collection to review and reflect on. Many nights and stormy days will be spent by the fire reviewing this collection I can tell you that.


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