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East Rosebud Lake Store

Thanks for visiting ClassicOutdoorMagazines at the Made-In-Montana Tradeshow. I have redesigned signs and custom designed a postcard for your business.

The completed order/invoice form here in PDF.

12x15 Metal Signs – 5 of each design – 20 signs
1-Stream Angler – Add Alpine
2-Glacier NP Goats – Remove Glacier NP and replace with Alpine, MT
3-Monarch Moose – Add East Rosebud Lake Store
4-Sports Afield Jump Trout – No Change


Postcards - - A minimum or Standard Order is 60 Postcards for $52. I recommend an assortment of postcards. The lightweight, small 3 tray point-of-sale postcard display I had at the Tradeshow sits on the counter near the checkout and costs about $20 from ClearDisplays.com. A three card assortment will sell well to your visitors. I will be happy to print whatever you decide. Pick three from the five designs or get them all, 12 of each design. Just let me know and I'll print whatever you want.


I added the moose from your business card.

Your custom designs will also look great as 18x24 posters. I can sell one – 5 for $20 each shipping included. They quickly add essence of Montana to your store.

Please send me an email or give me a call & I'll get your order started.

Thanks - - Bob@classicOutdoorMagazines.com
Florence, MT